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Virtual-Online Wellness:

Distance is not a Barrier Anymore……Get FIT the HEALTHY WAY, Anywhere, anytime, No MORE Excuses! Note that our virtual programs format goes beyond just providing information. In addition to the timely education, we also provide you with accessible, easy to grasp timely and actionable information. Our goal is to provide for you hands-on activities supplemented with pertinent tips

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I welcome you to partner with me in pursuit of women’s wellness for children, families, communities, cities, countries, and global wellness.

For extra support about pursing wellness and wholeness, or to create a weight management unique just for you, please contact me.

Mailing Address:
Blessing Odegua Itua
P.O. Box 870001
Stone Mountain, Georgia 30047

Phone: (323) 642-9085 and 404-662-2471



Twitter: @winfitlife